logo-1-300x218 was born as a dynamic and entrepreneurial company that exports wines, spirits and liqueurs around the world.

Centuries have gone by since the Phoenicians pioneered international trade.  From Birutos, Tiro or Sidon they traded silk, seeds, oil and gold on their ships along the wide Mediterranean Sea.  Since then, exporting techniques have evolved and revolutionized the way we trade today.  Now, the world trade organization (WTO) makes use of different agreements (GATT) to regulate international business.

The largest companies around the world understand the importance of exports for their business and the need to expand their markets. As a result, they are developing strategies that focus on key developed and emerging countries.

logo-1-300x218, is specialized in the entire exporting process: market research, production, logistics, administration and marketing. In all the export fields, we offer high quality standards.